Terms and conditions

SAS LA TOUR DE LIERRE Capital : €1,000 SIRET: 822.740.254 – SCS TOURS (37) FRANCE

General terms of sale (Booking Gîtes and guest rooms)

  It is expressly stated, in accordance with the provisions of the code of tourism, that the information provided in this proposal can be subject to some changes that will be staff to the knowledge of the customer previously to the conclusion of the contract.

-RELATIONS contractual

1) LA TOUR DE LIERRE (TDL), is the only interlocutor of the client and responds to him for the performance of the obligations arising out of these terms of sale. It cannot be responsible for damage resulting from force majeure or the fact of third party.

2) Prices on this contract are determined by the economic conditions prevailing at the date of establishment of rates.

I - Booking

1) Booking must include membership, the age of the participants, the day of arrival and the selected services (including the number and type of selected services). The booking becomes firm when TDL receives a deposit of 30% of the total price of the stay and a copy of the contract signed before the date limit of end of option (failing back within that time, the record is canceled). An acknowledgement is sent back to the client. The record is then confirmed and subject to the provisions of paragraph VI. In the absence of return of the signed contract, payment of the record is worth acceptance of benefits and the General and special conditions of sale.

2) At any time, the customer can request a quote prior to opening a reservation.

3) Fees in the amount of €5 (weekend 2 or 3 days in a cottage) or €10 (rental of a cottage for 4 days and more) may be requested for each booking.

4) As soon as full payment of benefits, the TDL all address the customer acknowledgement that reported on the invoice stating the booking criteria.

II -CONDITIONS of payment

All payments are made in euros by all means of payment legally allowed. Bank fees related to the means of payment used are the responsibility of the customer who is obliged expressly (cheque cashing fees and foreign to reception of international transfer fees). Any Bill is considered as paid in full only after full payment of the amount increased if there is place, bank fees such as wire transfer fees and fees for cashing cheques drawn on a foreign bank. A 30% deposit is required at time of booking and the balance of 70% must be paid at the latest 1 month before the beginning of the stay. The customer has not paid the balance on the agreed date is considered as having cancelled his stay. Therefore delivery is again offered for sale and no refund will be made. If you book less than 30 days in advance, the total payment will be required at booking and only a payment by credit card or bank transfer will be accepted.

III -DOCUMENTS of stay As soon as the full payment of all of the services, the TDL addressed to the customer a Bill is paid for each benefit provided for in the contract. The customer must be present on the day mentioned in the specified time range. Arrivals in shelter or in a location beyond the arrival time specified, the customer must inform directly the host whose details appear on the invoice.

IV – duration of the stay The client signer of this contract concluded for a fixed term may not under any circumstances exercise any right to remain on the premises at the end of his stay.

VI - ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE The customer must go between 16 h00 and 18 h00 the day referred to in the contract. The customer took care beforehand to contact the owner (or its agent) whose coordinates appear in the documents that were provided, in order to determine the precise arrival time. The customer must release the cottage at the latest at 12 h00 the last day of his stay.

VII -Change or cancellation

1) Change the fact of the customer

Confirmed records change requests must be made in writing to the TDL (hours limit taking into account for mail: date of receipt, to the fax or the e-mail: 6 P.m. local time). The acceptance of the amendment by the TDL is the result of sending a new contract (no correction brought directly by the customer on a document TDL is taken into account). The changes are certainly not suspensive conditions of payment of the balance. Any change of date of stay or accommodation requested by the customer constitutes a cancellation of its initial order (with application of the cancellation fee described in the following article) and the new record command under the conditions described above.

2) Total cancellation of the record of the fact of the client

Any cancellation of a confirmed case must be notified to the TDL by registered letter, fax or e-mail. The amount retained by the TDL in addition to folder and insurance costs is the following (these fees may be covered by insurance cancellation, see paragraph XII): Change or cancellation of the seller : In case a confirmed record would be changed on an essential element or canceled by the TDL, the customer must within 8 days after having been informed in writing either put an end to his reservation and refund plus further compensation to the MB ins equal to the penalty that he would have supported if the cancellation was its done to this date (except settlement), either accept the proposed change by signing a new contract. In the absence of response in this period, the customer is known have accepted the change.

3) Interruption of stay When the client interrupts his stay, it does not receive no refund, unless the application of the insurance conditions if the customer has purchased this warranty.

4) No presentation The non presentation of the customer charges in all cases equivalent to the total amount of the file.

VIII - Capacity

Each accommodation boasts an approval based on a maximum capacity. The contract is based on the maximum capacity. If the number of people received exceeds the capacity, the claimant may refuse the additional customers. Any modification or termination of the contract will be considered at the initiative of the customer. In any case, the TDL emerges from liability for any breach of the capacity of the accommodation by the customer. Note : the children of less of 2 years don't are not recorded in membership.

IX - Animals

This specifies if the client can or not contract stay in the company of a pet. Failure of the clause by the client, the provider may refuse the stay. In this case no refund will be made. Pets accompanying for all blind people or having the medical duty of having a pet is not affected by this limitation  

X - State of places

An inventory is established and signed by the tenant and the owner or his representative on arrival and departure of the accommodation. This inventory is the only reference in case of dispute about the State of affairs. The tenant is required to enjoy the leased property as a good father. The State of cleanliness of the accommodation on arrival of the tenant should be stated in the inventory. The cleaning of the premises is the responsibility of the tenant during the rental period and before his departure. Household charges may be charged to the tenant in the event of breach of this obligation.

XI - Deposit of warranty

The arrival of the client in a rental, a deposit whose amount is indicated on the description is requested by the owner. After the establishment of the State of the output, this deposit is returned if there is no degradation. However, if damages are found, the cost of rehabilitation of the scene comes by deducting the amount of the security deposit and only the remainder is returned to the client.

XII - Payment of expenses

End of stay, the client must pay to the owner the charges not included in the price. Their amount is determined on the basis of calculation mentioned in this listing in the booklet home.


The customer is responsible for all damage occurring as its result. It shall be covered by an insurance 'resort' for these risks.


The customer may purchase insurance at time of booking with his personal company covering the cancellation of his reservation, the interruption of his stay, the potential costs of repatriation. This insurance applies when the cancellation of the reservation or the interruption of the stay is the result of one of the causes provided for in the insurance code. The amount of the rental cost used is 100% 30 days before the date of the start of the rental (30 days from date to date). The amount of the rental cost used is 100% 30 days before the date of the start of the rental (30 days from date to date) in case of no-show.


Any claim relating to a stay, to be taken into account, should be addressed to the TDL by registered letter with AR in a time less than 3 days after the stay. Any dispute regarding the descriptive State or the State of affairs cannot be subjected to the TDL beyond the 3rd day of occupation. Waiver by the client to one or more of the services cannot be subject to any refund or return by the TDL.